Monday, November 17, 2008

Happy 1st Birthday Fun & More Fabric Dyeing

......It is my nephew's first birthday today and yesterday he had a little party with his family....this is just one of his lovely Birthday pressies from his Opa and Nanna...Tom's Daddy (my Brother) is a Firefighter....I wonder who will have more fun with this, Tom or his Dad???? He was pretty happy with all the buttons on it which make lights and noises happen!!

This photo is my latest Fabric Dyeing effort from the friend Barb came around on Saturday to finish off our Wax Dyeing....we didn't really achieve the results we had hoped for...but it was only our first attempt....the 2 smaller pieces are what I did using the wax.....I must admit, I am REALLY happy with the large piece of fabric....I think I need to come up with a special project to use this piece....What do YOU think???

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Catherine said...

mmm... what about the doors and walls for a sewn indoor kids' cubby?

What great work you've done - well done!