Tuesday, November 24, 2009

My Place and yours.....Collections

The theme for this week is "collections" and how could I resist posting on this topic....I have too many collections....fabric, buttons, cooking gadgets, paper, books and thse list goes on and on....but I have two favourite collections which I would share here....most of my friends will be able to guess my first collection....my sheep....and that is how I came by the name of my blog....
So here are a couple of photos of some of my flock!!!

My second collection is my little collection of dressmakers dummies/forms.... Not as many as my sheep, but some favourites....and I also recently purchased a full size one....will post a photo of this another day....to see lots of others collections, check out this here....Lisa

Sunday, November 1, 2009

My Place and Yours...Blog HQ

Pip over at Meet me at Mike's is running  "My Place and Yours"...where someone each week is picked to choose a theme for the following week to share....I am a bit slow to get going with this but thought I'd share my own Blog HQ this week.  I have been really struggling with organisation around my home recently...especially with all of my craft stuff....believe me....I have WAY TOO MUCH...however, whenever I start to sort through some of it , I realise that I do need most of it because even though I may not use it every day, most of the stuff I do use throughout the year....so in an effort to get more organised, I bought a new desk...I had been using an old table which was quite functional, but really looked very untidy.
So here is my new computer set-up and where I spend lots of lovely time looking at all of the inspiring blogs out there....

I especially like that I have a slide-out desk top for the keyboard and mouse, and that the computer tower itself has its own shelf.  I guess the only think I would change is the size available for my printer.

This is my little collection of dressmakers mannequins...I recently bought myself a full-size one which I have been wanting for many many years...even before I began sewing....Will post a photo of this another time

The other great thing about the desk is that it has a magnetic whiteboard....these are a few of my favourite magnets.  The bottom three are covered in fabric and I bought them at the recent Northcote Makers market which I went to.