Thursday, March 22, 2012

The two Lisas' strike again!!!

Well folks, it has been birthday time again at work...last week we had three birthdays in the office, so Lisa and I had another night of cupcake decorating.  These were inspired by some I saw on Pinterest...we had such fun decorating them.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Lots of baking

The past couple of weeks have seen me doing a bit of baking as we have had several Birthdays at work, as well as one of our Managers about to go on Maternity leave.

Here is what I have been up of my colleagues who also loves to bake...and is also called Lisa....and I joined forces to decorate these cupcakes
It was her Birthday last week and as she is a podiatrist, I created these the shape of feet of course!!!

For our manager's lunch, the other Lisa created these cupcakes.....
and I created these little biscuits...

Friday, March 9, 2012


Last weekend I spent a relaxing weekend in Bright at a dear friend's who re-married a couple of years ago after being widowed for many years. We went for a drive to Mount Buffalo National Park, though didn't go to the top as there had been a mud slide the day before. Having come back from Europe a few months ago, it has been very easy to feel that Australia has so little to offer in the way of old buildings, given the young age of our country from when it was settled by the Europeans.  But seeing the beautiful waterfalls, I felt that it was God who inspired those artists to create amazing structures, however back home, God has actually created these natural wonders to inspire us to seek him. I was a wonderful realization and I hope I remember this whenever I feel that our country somehow doesn't measure-up, or if I am inclined to make comparisons between Australia and Europe!

We were also very fortunate not to get flooded in over the weekend as there is very serious flooding around our country at present. The amount of water we saw as we drove home on Sunday was something I have never seen before.

Enjoy these photos.
View of the cottages on the property

The main house where we stayed
The property has 3 cottages which can be booked for a weekend or longer.