Friday, November 25, 2016

A New Journey

Well, again it has been many months since I posted anything on this blog....primarily because there hasn't been much to say.  I have however decided to record a journey on which I am about to embark and which I may find therapeutic...hopefully!  For a bit of background, back in early September I was experiencing very sharp abdominal pains and also discovered a hard mass in this region.  A trip to the GP saw me sent for an ultrasound, Gynecologist appointment, CT scan.  The result from this was an appointment with a gynecologist oncologist who gave me the news that I had a massive growth on my ovaries.  Fast forward a few weeks and this saw me have a hysterectomy which removed the bulk of the mass, along with all my other reproductive organs.  I was quite at peace about this as I had never had children  and wasn't expecting to do so at the age of 53.  I was very relieved not to be too concerned as I know this can be a particularly difficult thing for many.  The surgery went well and they removed everything as planned.  Thankfully they didn't need to remove any lymph nodes or bowel.  This I saw as a good sign.  I will however need to have chemotherapy, which I was hoping and praying would not be the case.  In fact, all along, I had been hopeful that the mass was not cancerous, I kept saying that our family does not have a history of cancer and so on.  However this was not to be...and so I have been diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer...there, I have said it!  Despite this, I continue to experience the peace which passes all understanding.  I hope this narrative of my journey will be a testament to the faithfulness of the Lord.  I have felt so uplifted through this journey so far and pray that I will continue to trust in the Lord that he has my whole life in his hands.

Sadly a week after I came home from hospital, my Mum had a fall and broke her hip.  She was operated on, however a week following her surgery, she died peacefully from kidney failure....which she had been diagnosed with over 12 months ago.  Mum had been worried about me, and her health had been deteriorating slowly and she had said many times that she was ready to this week we said our farewells to Mum.  Another challenge has since presented itself to our family, where my Dad, who has dementia landed in hospital having spent a night on the kitchen floor after trying to clean up some water he had spilled, but he couldn't get himself up.  Anyway, he is on the mend, however whether or not he'll be able to go home is another thing...but I am just taking one day at a time at the moment.
Well, I think I have said enough for the time week I have an appointment about when the chemotherapy is to start, so I will be praying that this all goes smoothly.  Will post again soon...thanks for reading.

Monday, June 27, 2016

New work

Wow, I can't believe it's over 6 months since I posted on this blog.....I really think I need to shut it down as I tend to post more on Instagram these days...there isn't the pressure to write a novel!  Anyway, here is a photo of some recent napkins I dyed with my Indigo....I used chopsticks tied with rubber bands to get the sharp white lines and really love the effect....and it is so easy to do too!

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Rope Bowls

Loving my newly created sets of rope bowls.  Busy preparing for a pop up market I will have stall at in a week....

Tuesday, October 6, 2015


Well, I know it has been some time.  Between my short posts on Instagram, I do wonder whether or not I should continue with this blog.....I need to decide if I am going to continue, how it might look and what my main purpose in writing it will be. is always good to put one's thoughts in to speak.
Anyway, I am currently having an extended holiday from work and am spending a couple of weeks in Vietnam.  I must admit, I am finding the heat quite a challenge and think I have been more jet lagged coming here than when I went to Europe!  I have been having an afternoon nap and am looking forward to going on a street food tour this evening....will hopefully take some photos and post them on here....anyway, here is a photo from my hotel room last night....cheers

And here is one of a park I sat and rested in earlier today...

Tuesday, July 7, 2015


Well, I have been greatly encouraged the past couples of days.  Late last year I opened my little Etsy shop and yesterday I had my second sale in that time.  It was the smallest rope,bowl, however it is traveling all the way to New York.  It was just the encouragement I needed as I had also just read yesterday the following quote:  "find what you love to do and you won't work a single day in your life". How great is that?  It is exactly how I am feeling at present as my day job is becoming more and more difficult as the landscape of the aged and health care system in Australia changes.  Anyhow,mere are a couple of photos of my latest bowls, which really are more the size of buckets!  I have been playing with copper coloured thread and am really happy with the results!

Monday, June 1, 2015

Happy Mail

Once again, I have participated in the ALQS (Another Little Quilt Swap) Number 9....and this week I have received my little quilt in the mail.  I also received some postcards from where the maker lives,mass well as a lovely silk bookmark.  Thanks so much Rosieand again for Kate for organizing these swaps!

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Fun times

My niece and one of her friends spent the afternoon with me on Saturday and made these cute cushions.  

It is also Mother's Day here so I spent much of the day with my Mum....this is my Mum with her you Mum