Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Long overdue update...and good news!

Hi there readers, the last update immade on here was telling you about the clinical trial I had been accepted onto.  It is now 6 weeks since I started on the trial.  Basically it is quite straight forward in that I take tablets with breakfast and dinner.  Initially it was quite time intensive as I had to visit the centre 6 times for the first week and then less frequently.  I am now only needing to go once every three weeks.  The good news is that I had a CT scan on Monday this week and visited the clinic today to get my next supply of tablets and to get the results from the CT scan.  So, drum of the tumours has reduced in size by half and the other tumour has remained the same.  The other great thing is that they haven't grown larger, or increased in number.  I am feeling so thankful, especially having felt earlier on that I didn't seem to get any good news and trying to stay positive was a challenge!  It is also so great to be able to give family, friends and work colleagues who have all been so supportive some good news too.  This journey isn't only about me, but those who I love and love me in return.  I was also encouraged today about how pleased one of the research staff who I am primarily dealing with was with my news...she said how it had been a hard week the previous week because some of the other participants on trials had deteriorated and also someone had died.  I a, continually amazed and so thankful for the love and care I am receiving on this trial.

On a completely different note, last week I enjoyed a few days away at a place in northern New South Wales called Halcyon House.  What a wonderfully relaxing and luxurious place it was....and completely done out in the most stunning decor...primarily with lots of blue and white...which for those who know me, I was in seventh heaven!  I have included a couple of my favourite photos for your enjoyment.  Thanks again for reading and for your love, support and prayers. xx