Sunday, November 1, 2009

My Place and Yours...Blog HQ

Pip over at Meet me at Mike's is running  "My Place and Yours"...where someone each week is picked to choose a theme for the following week to share....I am a bit slow to get going with this but thought I'd share my own Blog HQ this week.  I have been really struggling with organisation around my home recently...especially with all of my craft stuff....believe me....I have WAY TOO MUCH...however, whenever I start to sort through some of it , I realise that I do need most of it because even though I may not use it every day, most of the stuff I do use throughout the in an effort to get more organised, I bought a new desk...I had been using an old table which was quite functional, but really looked very untidy.
So here is my new computer set-up and where I spend lots of lovely time looking at all of the inspiring blogs out there....

I especially like that I have a slide-out desk top for the keyboard and mouse, and that the computer tower itself has its own shelf.  I guess the only think I would change is the size available for my printer.

This is my little collection of dressmakers mannequins...I recently bought myself a full-size one which I have been wanting for many many years...even before I began sewing....Will post a photo of this another time

The other great thing about the desk is that it has a magnetic whiteboard....these are a few of my favourite magnets.  The bottom three are covered in fabric and I bought them at the recent Northcote Makers market which I went to.

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Ann said...

Lovely set-up you have for blogging. Neat and tidy and personalised by you with magnets and mannequins. A very pleasant place to be by the looks of it!