Thursday, August 7, 2008

A surprising and interesting find

It is amazing where one finds treasures...I had to attend a meeting in Fitzroy (an inner city suburb) earlier this week. Unable to find a parking space in the street the meeting was, I ended up driving up some other side streets. Thankfully there was a spot in the next street. So, with about 45 minutes to fill before the meeting I sat in the car wondering what I might do to fill the time....a coffee?, listen to the radio? read a magazine?....I decided I might try to find a coffee shop....Out of the car I hopped, and facing me on the other side of the road not a coffee shop....but a huge sign on this warehouse "Jimmy Buttons: Australian Button Co" like a moth to a flame...I got very excited and went over to check if they were open to the public and not just a wholesaler....they certainly were open to the in I went.....ooooooohhhhh......
aaaaaahhhhhhh....I've not been so excited in was a treasure trove of buttons, buckles, laces, ribbons (including grosgrain), braids, leather....all the things I love for making bags and and just generally, as it happens, I just had to buy a few things didn't I?
If you live in Melbourne, I highly recommend a visit to this wonderful place....they also custom make covered buttons...the girl who helped me is the daughter of the owner...she proceded to tell me that there were more buttons upstairs....but mainly the large buyers go up there....The prices were also very reasonable.
The photo above is what I bought.....


barb said...

What treasures!! Give me the address!! Matt lives in Fitzroy, I might have to go and visit him!! Hugs Barb

Lisar said...

For those interested in visiting this wonderful place the address is: Jimmy Buttons/The Australian Button Company
375 George Street, Fitzroy
(it is off Johnston Street to the right just past Smith Street)
Their phone number is: 03 9419 4500
I think they are open until 4.00pm on Saturdays also. Lisa

asnipofgoodness said...

I didn't know you loved buttons! I like the square ones, whatchagonna make?