Tuesday, March 14, 2017

5 down, one to go

Yes readers, I had my fifth Chemotherapy treatment last Wednesday and hopefully only have one to go.  I haven't asked the doctors what the next steps are beyond my final chemo session.  Partly because they probably won't know until I have tests to see what the cancer is doing, but also because I can only process so much information at any one time.  Anyway, my last treatment went reasonably well....I still had high blood pressure, but I think that was due to the fact that I had driven to the hospital and had a difficult time finding a parking spot....but thankfully the pressure went down when the nurse took it with the manual reader and the treatment proceeded without incident.  I have noticed a pattern afterwards in that the first couple of days I feel reasonably well and then after three to four days, I feel the effects of being fatigued, tired and with reduced sensation in my feet and hands.  So it is now Tuesday and I am meant to be back at work today, however I have such a sore throats and dry mouth and sensitive fingers that I probably need to take today off.  Thankfully my work has been very understanding.  I am also beyond thankful that I have generally been able to work full time throughout my treatment.  I have already made the decision for my next treatment that I will arrange to have a few more days off afterwards in order not to disrupt my work too much.  Th other biggish thing happening this coming week is that my parents home is being sold.  Dad moved into residential Aged Care back in January following Mum's death last year and he has settled in well, however we do need to sell their home.  I am a little sad as it is the end of an era, but know that it has to happen.  Well, that is about all I have to report on today....once again, thanks for reading my blog and have a great week.

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