Sunday, April 9, 2017

Last One!!

I completed my final chemotherapy Wednesday A week and half ago.  I had planned to write an update earlier, however things don't always go to plan.  I had a busy weekend after my final chemo, with our church camp happening at Phillip Island.  I was able to get to this thankfully.  It was quite a tiring weekend, in so far as I drove to and from, but I was able to rest up quite a bit and ha d a lovely time learning, connecting and socialising.  This past week has been a bit more of a challenge.  Towards the end of the week, I had high temperatures and having had chemo, this usually means one needs to seek medical attention,  given that I had a temperature of 38C two days running, and was chastised by a nurse I phoned who basically told me that if I didn't wish to end up in intensive care, that I should get to hospital pronto.  So, unusual for me, I did as I was told!!!  I headed off to the local emergency department and was basically admitted and had a plethora of tests including blood which the result was that my Neutrophils, or white blood cells, the ones which fight off infection, were down to zero!  I know!!!  So up to the wards I headed....and onto strong IV antibiotics.  The biggest issue for me having to be in hospital is leaving my kitties and not being able to visit my Dad where he is now.  Plus the added thing of actually feeling reasonably well, and not being able to hang at home doing stuff!  Oh well.  The great thing is that the staff have been lovely, I've got some magazines and a small amount of craft to complete.  In some ways it is probably good to have then forced rest as I quite likely may have overdone things this weekend.  Anyway...hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.   Chat soon.
This photo was taken from my hospital window yesterday afternoon

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