Sunday, February 19, 2017

A chemo update

So, I've not done an update on my last Chemotherapy as I was meant to have it over a week ago...yes, I said Meant!.  I arrived all ready for the day, however with the checking of my blood pressure and other vitals, my blood,pressure was apparently very high, as was my heart rate.  This meant a host of other tests including an ECG, CTBscan, urine tests and more blood tests!  All the while the doctors and nurses kept asking me if I was in pain and so,on....I felt,fine....I was just feeling quite stressed because I was due to try a new chemo drug and was obviously very anxious about it!  Thanksfully I had a dear friend come and spend most of the day with was an extremely long day....I arrived at the hospital around 8.30am and didn't leave until after 5.30pm....all without Chemo!  I was extremely disappointed....I'm on a schedule don't you know!   I was all ready for number four to be done and dusted!  Well, the upshot of the day was that there was nothing wrong with me...apart from the blood pressure, so I have been put on tablets (which my GP had already done, however these are different), and I just need to minotor myself. So they had booked me in the following week, the Wednesday just passed for my number 4 chemo...again my BP was high.....however they went ahead with the treatment anyway....thankfully!  Again I had two dear friends spent some of the time with me...which was such a blessing and a distraction.  The day went smoothly, with the new drug going ahead without incident!  I felt pretty exhausted that night, but was fine the next day, however the past few days have seen me tired I have just been trying to take things easy....I must say, i,am EVER so thankful for how I am being sustained and strengthened....people are totally amazed that I am able to work throughout this whole thing (apart from the treatment day's and doctors appointments, I have really had to take very little sick leave....).  May this continue.....I thank God daily for this provision!  So I now have only two chemo treatments (God willing), and then we'll see what happens next.  This coming week I am attending a workshop called "Look Good, Feel Better" run by volunteers to help people going through Cancer treatment apply make up and hair things to help them feel more "normal".... I did actually debate whether or not to go as I rarely wear make up and have been managing reasonably well with my hair loss and wearing a wig....the main challenge is how itchy it sometimes is!  Anyway, it might be nice to connect with others on a similar journey.  Will keep you posted.  Thanks again for reading my ramblings!  Hope you're having a great weekend.  Lisa

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