Monday, April 29, 2013

New household member

Back in March, I made a wedding cake for my hairdresser who was married at the end of the month.  When I moved out of home over 25 years ago, my mum gave me her old Kenwood Chef bench mixer.  Over the years, it has been a solid and study workhorse for all manner of cooking adventures.  Since seeing the Kitchenaid some years ago, I have wanted to buy one, thought could not justify the purchase when I had a perfectly good mixer which I felt would never die.
So, as I was making the second batch of White Chocolate and butter cream frosting for the cake, I turned off good old Kenny to scrape the sides and when I went to turn him back on again....SILENCE!!!!  So have I shorted out the power I thought to myself.....I kept trying and even the following morning I tried it again and still silence.  Mind you, as I was mxing, I thought to myself, how I would love a Kitchenaid.....perhaps I'll just buy one and give Kenny to one of my work colleagues who had offered to take him off my hands....the old Kenwood was very noisy and sort of freaked my cats out each time I used the weekend after Kenny died, I took myself off to my most favourite kitchenware/cookware store..."The Essential Ingredient" at Prahran Market and bought myself this little baby.....I opted for the white in the end as most of my kitchen appliances are white...though the array of gorgeous colours was overwhelming....I nearly chose the bright yellow which was ever so cheery...anyway...this is the one I bought.....

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