Thursday, December 29, 2011

Last Days of December

Well, time sort of ran away from me in the lead up to Christmas and I didn't quite get to finish the DPP photos....but I thought I would show a few of the photos I took prior and after Christmas.

I made 2 of these Christmas Cakes...a Nigella Lawson Chocolate Fruit Cake and the recipe can be found is truly DELICIOUS!!!

A beautiful pot of generously given to the leaders of the Girls Groups we lead at Church....and a very generous gift voucher for a favourite nursery and gift shop...Acorn Nursery in Surrey Hills....the girls are such a delight and a blessing and this was such an unexpected gift from the Mums'.

The newest member of my brother's family....little Daisy...she is so cute

and two new members of my family....yes, I am getting 2 Burmese Kittens....and I visited them this week to meet them for the first time....they are so sweet....anly 5 more weeks until they move into my home....

As the Kittens are near Gellong, I decided to make a day trip and head to the Wool Museum in Geelong.  I then went for wander along the waterfront and after visiting the kittens, I decided to head towards Queenscliff and catch the Ferry across Port Phillip Bay to was the most beautiful summers day....I will show some more photos in the next few days....

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