Thursday, July 2, 2009

Mocha Soy Latte...with chocolate

This is the name of my latest completed project. I have had this fabric for a few years to make my brother and his wife a quilt. I finally got around to making it and am really pleased with the result. My brother and his wife were also very happy with it.
Have a great weekend!!!


barb said...

Good morning, This is a lovely quilt, I can just see it in your brothers home - it will look perfect. Hugs, Barb

Catherine said...

Gorgeous! Great for a bloke, too. You're very inspiring, and very industrious, Lisa!

Handige Handjes said...

Nice the colors.

take a look at my know me as secret angel from Holland!

Ginger said...

So pretty! Here I saw the title and thought it was about coffee, but then I figured that you wouldn't blog about a fancy latte. I love the material.

Julie said...

What a lovely blog Linda! I love the colours of your latest quilt, Yummy! Such a simply design to showcase wonderful fabrics very clever!

Catherine said...

Lisa, can you read my last-but-one blog entry? I need your advice! You may also know someone who might be interested, through your quilting circles!