Saturday, February 28, 2009

Inspiration & Update

Hi to all who have been following the fire updates here in Victoria. Thankfully I have not been under direct threat where I live, but it has been a tense few weeks as I work in an area which has been directly threatened by the fires. I also visited a client the other week who had lost everything and to see the devastation first-hand was inexplicable....but the determination and courage shown by my client and many thousands in similar circumstances is really humbling and makes me extremely thankful for my own situation.
Last weekend my local group of patchworking buddies organised a 2 day workshop with the wonderful Gloria Loughman. If you ever get the opportunity to do a workshop with her, go for was so inspiring. It was also a most welcome relief for me to stop listening to fire updates on the radio and to actually create something.
The workshop we chose to do was called "Layer by Layer". We could use one of Gloria's patterns or interpret our own photo or inspiration.

So here is my starting photo.....I took this photo when I visited "Cloudhill" earlier in the year.

and here is my interpretation of it....

Enjoy your weekend !

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