Sunday, December 7, 2008

Bird update and other things

Well, the bird update is this...I ended up finding the missing bird, so then had to deal with two of them...we straigtened up the nest and put a picnic plate underneath and taped it so that if one of them fell out of the nest again, they wouldn't fall to the today, the chicks are still in their nest....but sadly I haven't seen the parents!!

This year I have been participating in a swap through one of the internet groups I belong to...It is called an "Angel/Mortal" (secret) swap...whereby we are allocated an angel who sends us stuff, and we in turn (also an angel) send things to our mortal...throughout the year we give hints and sometimes send our mortals on a wild goose chase...but by the end of the year we reveal ourselves to each other and let our respective mortals know our identity. So I have had the most wonderful Angel this year...we just seemed to hit it off right from the start and have been regularly emailing and chattting over the phone since. So, my dear Angel Sue, came to Melbourne this past week and we spent Friday together. I think I picked Sue (wearing her Angel wings) up from the station shortly after 9am and said good-bye to her at about 10.30pm....we did not stop was such a lovely lovely thanks Sue for your wonderful new a little thanks for her generosity and friendship throughout the year, I made the following for her.... they are probably three of my most favourite patterns and ones which I myself use all the I hope she enjoys them....

Well, that is all for now....stay tuned during the week where I will show you my Christmas Tree and other Christmas decorating around the place.

Have a great week.


Ginger said...


Thanks for commenting on my blog. I think you are the first person to do so that I don't know.

It's funny~~~I was in the same church with Amy for about 6 years and often sat near her family, so I know her, but she doesn't know me.

Anne said...

Wow!! I was the lucky one to receive these great bags that Lisa made. They are sOOOOOOO... lovely and will be treasured. Even more lucky to find a lovely friend who I feel I have known for years and years. I'm sure our friendship will continue. Thank you for a wonderful day on Friday, Lisa. I had lots of fun and loved seeing your beautiful sewing.
Hugs Sue