Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Next steps

Since my last  post, I have been accepted onto a clinical trial at the Alfred's actually with an organisation co-located on the Alfred site.  Basically I was informed about three different trials, however the only one I was really suitable for is this inhibitor study as the tumours I have aren't considered to be solid (they are fluid filled).  Anyway, I was happy to start this trial, as I really had no other treatment options!  The trial started today and part of it relates to the uptake of the tablet with  or without food.  Hence, today I had a high fat breakfast which had to include eggs fried in butter, toast with butter and either bacon or sausage.  I also chose this option because it included an apple.  Thankfully I was also allowed milo in my milk...because I really don't like plain milk.  I will be visiting the clinic for three days in a row, then two days off, then another three days in a row...though next week I have the tablets without food.  After the initial week, I then have a few appointments a week apart, and then eventually, three weeks apart and the drug twice daily.  I will be interested to see    how it all goes.  I had hoped that today they might tell me that I can't go on the trial because the tumours had not reappeared on the CT scan and that my cancer markers were down to nothing!  I am very thankful though that my CA125 had reduced by over a third since my last oncology appointment.  So, that is it for me I am spending the day in bed and having my obs and blood taken every hour, until around 6.00pm.  Then I'm back here for the next two days for further bloods and observations.  Thank you for your continued interest in my journey, for your prayers....I will continue to write updates here as I am finding it very therapeutic to write about my journey.  Cheers

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Thank you Lisa, wishing you all the best, Maureen.