Thursday, December 8, 2016

My First Chemotherapy

So this Tuesday just past, I fronted up for my first Chemotherapy treatment.  I was feeling apprehensive about how it would go, but also very positive that I would respond well and hopefully not feel too tired or unwell afterwards.  Because I was unable to be seen before Christmas at Box Hill hospital, I was able to attend a Centre near to my home which was actually great for me!  So up I rocked up at 9.30am.  Initially there were several other patients waiting to have their treatments set up, so one of the nurses came and chatted to me about side effects and what preparation I had completed the day before, to which I responded none...she was somewhat shocked at apparently there were drugs I was meant to take orally in prep for the big day.  So she then had to administer some other things before I could get underway.  This all proceeded without a hitch.  The. She was ready to start me in the first main drug, something called Taxol...she advised me that she would be starting the dose low, and then after seeing my response after 15 minutes, would increase the infusion to its full strength.  All the time she was saying to let her know if I felt strange or odd throughout the process.  Well!  Basically as soon as those drugs hit my system, I felt the strangest EVER!  Intitially I was seeing stars and sparkly things above my head, I felt a tightening in my throat and chest, increasing temperature and then the most excruciating pain in my lower lumbar region of my spine.  I said straight away I was feeling unwell and immediately the treatment was ceased and I was then pumped with Phenergan to reverse the whole thing.  So that was the end of that drug for the day.  After I had recovered from this...and believe me, thankfully it didn't take too long for all of those symptoms OT dissipate, the nurse suggested that because I would be quite drowsy for sometime after the antihistamine, would I be willing to try the next drug, as she reassured me that I was unlikely to experience such a reaction.  I felt confident in her reassurance and agreed.  Thankfully this infusion went without incident and once it had been through my system and then flushed, I was ready to go home.  Thankfully I had a friend who was able to come and drive me home in my own car.  I was mentally prepared to feel unwell potentially overnight, however I actually felt really well and when I woke ont he Wednesday morning, I felt even better.  In fact, I felt better than I had for the previous 6 weeks since my surgery!  Thanks be to God for that.  So, my next chemo with be a challenge as I submit to the Lord my fears and apprehensions fro my first experience.  I do know however, that I will be able to pray specifically for the next treatment and hopefully be better prepared practically as well.  The other good thing is that the next treatment is after Christmas.
So that is my lengthy update.  Thanks for reading and coming on this journey with me.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa,
Great to read from you again! Hope your next chemo will go better. Thinking of you! ❤️❤️❤️