Sunday, March 17, 2013

Catching up

I recently had the opportunity to show some people I met whilst on my trip to Europe the sights of the Yarra Valley...we had a lovely day catching up.  I took them to Tarrawarra to the Museum there and we enjoyed the exhibition of wonderful art by Geoffrey Smart.  From there we drove up the Black Spur a little way and then popped in to a couple of wineries before stopping at Medhurst Wines for lunch.
Here are the tasting plates we with seafood/fish products and the other with cheese.....they were so delicious....

Not much else to report at is work.....the sewing mojo has still not returned....I think I am trying to get over the recent heat wave....and also trying to decided whether to do anything for a big "0" Birthday which I have coming up next month....if anyone has any bright ideas...let me know!!!
anyway....will return soon hopefully...have a great week!

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