Sunday, January 27, 2013

an end and a beginning

Well, here I am again to post...I alluded to a rough time I had been having in my most recent post...The story is, is that earlier last year I met a lovely man and we developed what I had hoped would be a long lasting friendship, leading to marriage.  Sadly this has ended and I am left feeling completely confused and heart broken....I won't go into the details as I do not wish to say bad things about this person, however I have been hurt.
So, as they say...when life gives you lemons, make Lemonade....which is my resolve to do....difficult though it may I have resolved to re-energise myself by focussing on the things most important to me in my life...The Lord, family, friends and all of my creative pursuits. 

I must admit, last year I let my patchwork especially slip in the development of this friendship.  I continue to look at my stash of fabrics, WIP's, PNS's, kits etc etc and feel overwhelmed.  It doesn't help much when I keep seeing other projects which I would like to start...I recently purchased a pattern called Green Tea and Sweet Beans from a shop here in Melbourne called Amitie...they have the most wonderful fabrics and patterns...the one I have bought was designed by the owner of the shop....I have taken a photo of the cover and the starter pack of fabrics I also decided that I "needed".  I saw this on the Southern Cross Quilters group I belong to and I have also joined a Yahoo Group of others who also want to do this hopefully it will help keep me on track!!!

Well, that will be it for now...I am hoping and planning that my posts will be a bit more frequent than they have been...see you next time

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Anonymous said...

Lisa, I love this pattern!!!! Hope to see you Thursday,