Sunday, December 16, 2012

No name!!!

Recent times have seen me busy with lots of different things....a little while back, my work was very generous and gave the staff  Red Balloon gift certificates.....this enabled staff to get experiences such as fishing, massages, cooking classes and a huge variety of other activities....their website is worth taking a look at.  So, one of my colleagues and I decided to participate in a chocolate making class which was fantastic.  I decided to use the remainder of my voucher taking a friend for lunch at Sydney's Centrepoint Tower recently also.

Here is a photo of some of the chocolates we made...

Last month was my nephew's 5th birthday and he asked me to make his cake....this is what I came up with (thanks to a google search of Lego Birthday cake ideas).

Whilst in Sydeny recently, I went to the newly opened Marimekko Store and had fun looking at all of the beautiful products and also splurged on a piece of fabric.....there were too many choices, however I decided on this....and sadly, this is where the photos end.....somehow I have used up my quota of storage for photos on that said, I have decided to start posting photos onto is so much simpler and quicker....especially for uploading photos...and I can also do it really easily on my IPad...given that, I may not be updating my blog as often (or not even, given my tardiness in recent months!!!)

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