Saturday, October 29, 2011

A wonderful holiday!

For those readers of my regular blog, I have been away for the past 6 weeks on a most wonderful holiday in Europe.  I did blog regularly on my other blog which I set up specifically for my holiday so that I could keep family and friends updated with my adventures....if you are interested in reading an almost daily record of my travels, you can do so over here.  I wasn't able to post photos whilst I was away, so for the next little while, my posts here are going to consist mainly of some of the photos I took whilst away.

I left Melbourne on 13th September and have been home just a week tonight....My computer decided to crash last Sunday (when I opened an attachment to an email...silly silly me!)....anyway, my computer is back....faster and better than ever...I had some extra RAM installed which is FANTASTIC....especially as I have been able to download my music onto my I Pad!!! YAY.
My first stop in Europe was Rome....I probably liked Rome the least of all the places I visited...but on reflection, I think this was primarily because it was my first stop and I was completely overwhelmed....I travelled by myself and this was the first major overseas trip I have ever taken...anyway, I really did love Rome and will return one day in order to see the things I missed out on and I am sure next time, I will be much more confident...hopefully not getting lost and also having more appropriate clothing....Rome was HOT....and I had taken mainly cool weather I had major blisters on my all in all...a somewhat difficult time....but I still made the most of it all and saw heaps....

First off, I had a brief stopover in Hong Kong...where there was an incredible display of I had to take a photo!

This shot is near where I was staying in Rome...this wall is part of the old City Wall.....It was incredible to be in a place where everything is so old....I think was what I found the most mind blowing thing about my whole time away...everywhere had such history attached to it and age!

Will be back again soon with more photos!!!

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