Sunday, October 10, 2010

Fun times with friends

Well, I have had quite the busy couple of weeks with my dear friend Joy getting married last weekend...Joy has been widowed for over 20 years and this year she met a lovely man whom she married last weekend....the flowers in the church and hall were was the Bride herself.

I have also been away this past week at Apollo Bay along the Great Ocean Road.  I went with my brother and his family and we had a fun time, although the weather wasn't great, but it was fun anyway.  We saw some cute and cuddly (or not) Koala's in the trees...this one is a mother and her baby...I also went on a trip to see platypus in the wild which was very exciting.

Then this weekend I had friends come for the day on Saturday and we did some serious crafting...the girls did a fantastic job on their Babushka dolls.....


and then today I had my friends around and finally gave the kids their quilts.....yay.....finally....only problem with these photos, is that I can't work out how to turn them around the right way within you'll just have to look at them sideways!!!

oh and finally, a work colleague was getting married this weekend and for her celebratory morning tea at work the other week, I made these special cupcakes for her....