Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Project Update

I thought it was time for an update of what I've been working on recently....and hadn't realised that it is over 2 weeks since I last posted....boy does time fly!!!!
I am currently working on semi-secret project for my friend Sue in Western Australia.  We are going to do a Christmas Stocking swap with each other.  Basically we each make the other a christmas stocking/sack/bag and then each month send each other a gift to be opened on Christmas Day.  This is a sneak peak of what I am making....sorry about the poor quality photo

I am also back to making softies....just some more Melly and Me Phoebes and Mrs Perkins....
I am really pleased with the boy "Phoebe"

I'll also have another major completed project to show in a  week or two....a very longstanding one which I am taking to be quilted this week...stay tuned...and have a great week

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