Monday, January 5, 2009

Next on my list

I promised last week to put up some photo's of more of my works in progress/UFO' here is my next major priority for the year. I actually don't have THAT much more to do on it...just some more ribbon embroidery. I think I came to a standstill with this project because I really don't like the quilt anymore....which is a real shame as I purchased the pattern and fabrics as a Block of the Month too many years ago to mention....let's just say I was early into my patchworking days and hadn't really developed a sort of style...mind you, many of the fabrics back then really weren't me....I do much prefer the light, bright, clear colours which are so much more in abundance nowadays. I anticipate that this will be a quilt which will be given away once it is completed.

Now, for an update on my pinwheels for my "Wedding Quilt".....I am about halfway through them....though I do have a confession to make....when I was cutting the fabrics a few weeks ago, I realised that I may run short of fabric (yes....I can hear the raucous laughter from those of you who have seen my stash)...of the fabrics I had collected for this particular I worked out a way to cut the fabrics much more the other night, I decided to sew up the fabrics into half square triangles....and voila....easy peasy pinwheels....I still have more than 30 still to be hand pieced...but I am feeling much less overwhelmed at the task....
Stay tuned for the next on my list....


Alison H said...

Hi Lisa - I think your UFO looks great - I look forward to seeing it finished. Have you done any more of the Butterfly Garden quilt since our Dec get together? I have only done the embroidery on 2 small squares of block 8!! I'm back to work tomorrow so won't have much opportunity to stitch for a while. I started on a new quilt and have pieced all the fabric together, just have to find a suitable colour to applique some flowers on top. Alison from Tuesday's Leanne's House BOM :o)

Catherine said...

Hi Lisa,

Thanks for stopping by my blog again! I am very impressed with this project- must have taken ages! I love the houses - very pretty.

You have inspired me to pull out a few UFOs. Maybe I should post them - it may motivate me to get moving on them!
Lots of love!