Saturday, July 5, 2008

Fun with friends

Well, today has been another beautiful day in the Yarra Valley. Today I had my dear friends Phil and Lucy and their children visit for afternoon tea.

Meet Lucy and Esther.

Then some other friends popped in and we had a lovely afternoon and dinner together.

I had lots of fun preparing some yummy food.....

I have also made a new bag....I know I don't need any new bags...but...I have some samples of furnishing fabrics fabrics and decided I needed to use them in some here is my first effort....I like the overall effect, but have decided it could do with some stiffening to help it stand up....I think they will be given as gifts.

I have also been busily making lots of "Melly and Me" house is beginning to look like a wildlife reserve!!!!

But aren't they just gorgeous...and they are particularly popular with little people!!!


asnipofgoodness said...

Wow all the softies are beautiful!!! You have been busy! I loved seeing a pic of your friends, now I can show Haven her "pen pal"

Bizarre Quilter said...

I love these animals too! I could make them over and over again... but you've seen my UFOs list! LOL!!
I like your choice of colours for your Christmas tree - good to have something different!