Thursday, November 24, 2011

Food Glorious Food!!!!

So, the past couple of weeks has seen me doing a spot of cooking.... first up was this peppermint Fudge Slice.  I help out with a girls group at church and a couple of weeks ago we had an overnight camping trip and one of the girl's and her Mum brought this slice....which we all raved they kindly gave me the recipe and I had to make it on when I came home...and then took it to went down a treat....

 Last weekend was my nephews birthday so I made these little guys....and I thought you might like to see a photo of the cake his Mum made too...
To make the cars, all you need is a packet of the small "Milky Way" bars, some "Tiny Teddies", "Smarties" and "Life Savers" lollies....assemble them and voila...easy peasy and ever so effective....even the adults at Tom's Birthday hoed into them!!!

Today at work we had a staff meeting and shared I made these carrot cupcakes and was inspired to make matching edible decorations for them....

I have been a bit slow in putting more of my Europe photos on my blog(s) as I have been trying to make a few photo books from them...and this has been quite a time consuming activity....but I will get around to it....In the meantime, enjoy the above photos!!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Pinterest anyone?

So...I have only just discovered Pinterest...a virtual pin board where you can "pin" things which you find on the Internet which inspire you or that you like or want to guess what? They have a Waiting list!!n of course, they don't tell you how long it is, but reading a couple of forums, it coul deb quite long! Alternatively, you can be invited to join by another my BIG favour is....if any of my readers have an invite they would like to use...I would love to be invited...there are some great things on there already...and I can't wait to start my own little board...thanks in anticipation!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

St Peters and the Vatican

Along with all the beautiful artwork in the Vatican Museums, the architecture was also are a few of my favourites.

 I am inspired to make a quilt after seeing this table...