Saturday, July 30, 2011

Craft and cooking

Well, I have been busy on and off completing various projects.  This is for one of my work colleagues who has gone off to have a baby...I made this quilt out of a very cute range of fabrics called "Little Apples".

I made this quilt from Leesa Chandler's "Under the Australian Sun" range for my cousin and her husband who I will be staying with when I visit Germany later in the year as a thank you.

I have 2 work colleagues having babies within weeks of each other and we had their farewell morning tea this week so I decided to try my hand at making macarons....and these little beauties were the result.  They were  a HUGE hit with my co-workers...and in the end, very easy, once I had reduced the cooking time and the temperature.  The first batch I made looked absolutely perfect, However, they were as hard as into the bin they had to go!!! 
Here is a link to the original recipe.

Finally, one of my friends' daughter's school is having a fundraiser for the school and the Olivia
Newton-John Cancer and Wellness centre.
They are having an exhibition amongst other activites whereby students and others can decorate a "bust" for display...the event is called "Girls Bust Out" and I have decorated a bust for the exhibitions.  I had loads of fun decorating this with recycled sewing bits and pieces... I can't wait to see all of the other busts next weekend.
For those of you in Melbourne who are interested in attending, the details can be found here.