Thursday, March 12, 2009

Lovely Mail and other fun stuff

Today I received in the mail something I purchased on "Etsy" on the weekend. It is the first time I have ever purchased anything on Etsy, but this was from Mildura in Victoria, so I figured it would be great to support a local craftsperson. I found a blog which then pointed me in the direction of this lovely blog.....and so on and so forth....I just love the way it was opening an early birthday present. So now I need to find something lovely on which to wear my new brooch....
I also made these little guys over the weekend for an ATC (Artist Trading Card) Swap group to which I belong.....the theme was "plastics from the kitchen" I sliced in half the little soy sauce fish thingies which you get when buying california rolls, painted them with some "Lumiere" paint, an old onion bag and some hand painted fabric and there we had my little ATC's. So I get to keep one and the rest are sent off to 5 others participating.

Oh....and an update on my long list of UFO's/WIP's....I have now completed 47 of the pinwheels for my "wedding" quilt.....only 27 to go......will post some more photos over the weekend.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Inspired to Clean!!

I recently participated in a swap over at "The Homespun Heart" and "With all that I've been Given"...My swap partner lives in the U.S. and yesterday my package safely arrived with the postie....what fun I had opening it....inside were some wonderfully inspired goodies including: "Mr Clean" magic eraser (can't wait to get him to work!!!); lemon dishwashing liquid; an Instant Stain remover pen (what a great idea); jasmine hand lotion; heavy duty cleaner and degreaser concentrate; real ground coffee (my favourite) and some flavoured coffee sachet (which I haven't ever tried before); some instant Pink Lemonade (which sounds really refreshing) and some very interesting and yummy sounding mint choc-chip Baskin & Robbins Candy; a few beautiful postcards from the area where Ginger lives and 2 books from the "Mitford Series" which I have been introduced to via other bloggers' who are fans.
I am quite amazed at the range of things they seem to have in the U.S. which I have never seen here in Australia....makes me want to go visit!!!
I am feeling very inspired to get cracking and use some of the cleaning products and then sit down for a relaxing cuppa and treat and read my new books. Thanks SO much Ginger and thanks to Monica and Carrie for organising the swap....
here is a photo of all the goodies I received......